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Samsung Unlock Code

Network Supported: All European Networks ONLY
Model Supported: Samsung SM-G900F Galaxy S5, Samsung Galaxy Note 3 III

Delivery Time: 0-24 Hours
Service Provides NCK + Defreeze code

What you need to know:

In order for your Samsung device NOT to be region locked, you MUST activate (FIRST USE) your S3, S4, NOTE 2, NOTE 3 with your ORIGINAL carrier at least ONCE to take your region lock OFF. After your Region lock is off, you can Sim Unlock your device via Unlock Code.
If your device is BRAND NEW, your must activate it with the original carrier to remove the REGIONAL LOCK

Time period provided to deliver the unlock code is approximate time it can be even quicker or there could be unexpected delay on rare occasion ( No refund/No cancellation).
This is Api service process completely works automated once order is place there is no cancellations.
For some Samsung Models there exist only NCK CODES in database in such cases you wil result in getting only Network codes there shall be No refund in such cases.

Samsung Factory Code Refund Policy

Codes from the following networks might have been changed by the operator - Vodafone Spain, Movistar Spain, Yogio Spain(Or any Spain network), 3 Italy, 3 United Kingdom, Orange poland. By submitting an IMEI from one of these networks you accept the risk of the code being changed by the carrier yourself!!!
There Will be only Verification incase codes do not work.
To verify : please report ORDER ID  Imei+Unlock Codes to us
After verification if output comes the same there is no refund of codes even with video proof.
All codes come from factory database there is no refund for non working codes.

How to place an order?

1. Fill in the required fields.
2. Once your IMEI information is submitted, the order will be processed and we will send to you notification with the codes to your email address within the stated processing time.
3. You can track order status/retrieve the unlock code here